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The roast of 
Zara Matrix

It's finally time to roast the b*tch

It's time to get this roast cookin'! Join Heckella Jeckyll and Racheal Lush as they host The Roast of Zara Matrix. An evening of humour, drag and shade. Each cast member will perform a roast comedy set, and a performance set.


With performances by Eden Disorder, Lavender Steel, Heather Silk, X, Mya Foxx, Miranda Wrights, Crystal Queer, Adele Computer, Freeda Whales and The Woods Hip Hop Company. 

The Story

The Roast of Zara Matrix was originally set to debut in March of 2020. Unfortunately the pandemic had shut down the venue shortly before the show was supposed to happen. Now over TWO years later, Zara Matrix is back and better than ever (according to some), and is ready to get roasted by some of the best drag performers in Atlantic Canada.





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